Good Trips: Our 6 Essentials

So we’re heading to Berlin on New Year’s Day and while getting our things together I’m reminded that there are a few things that we always pack now which might not come to mind immediately when thinking of travel essentials. But we swear by them. Hope they come in handy for you too.

1.  Peppermint, lavender and tea tree essential oils.

Use a dab of peppermint oil on your tongue instead of gum or mints. It will last forever and has no sugar and is so, so, so much cheaper in the long run. We’ve had our little bottle for probably two years now. The lavender is an amazing topical solution for burns and bug bites. Plus it smells great on a hanky if the aroma of your hotel room is keeping you awake. This can also be said for the tea tree. Spots, infections, etc. This stuff is great. With these three oils you should have all of you topical health care needs taken care of.

Yes, I have put lavender on my tongue instead of mint. I once did rub mint all over my face instead of tea tree oil. It’s a dangerous world out there so be careful, folks.

(We must give props to our bestie, Carolyn over at Botanarchy. We adopted these habits from her a few years ago now.)

2. ALOKSAK Waterproof Bags

We used the envelope size which fits your printed out and tri-folded travel docs as well as passports, credit cards, IDs, photos and anything else you want to keep together and well protected. Thin like a Ziplock but incredibly sturdy, tested and approved by the US Navy divers.  When we’re en route I usually keep this in the inside pocket of my jacket.

3.  A few plasters in your wallet.

In England, this is what we call Band-aids.  I hate going to the pharmacy for anything other than an emergency and having a plaster or two on your person at all time can save a lot of hassle. This especially comes in handy for stopping blisters right when they start, instead of waiting until hobbling around in agony. When you start to feel the hot spot it’s amazing to whip off your boot, pull out a plaster and troubleshoot it right there.

4.  A few of each of the medications you might need

Grab a little plastic salsa tub from El Pollo Loco and once you’ve finished the avocado sauce rinse it out and pop a few emergency pills in there. 5 allergy pills (amazing to quell bug bites), 5 Imodium-types, 5 ibuprofens or paracetamols. There’s nothing worse when you’re feeling ill than spending time and money on getting medications.

5. Take an actual book with you.

It won't run out of battery. Ever. And you won't be out $300 if it gets wet on the boat or left on the plane and it won't make you look like a tech-heavy target for muggers. Just sayin'.

6. A statement piece

Whether it's jewellery or a tie, be sure to take one thing that will add something special to your outfits. Something lightweight & adaptable. The wooden necklace below is unique, durable and can be dressed up or down. The same is true of the tie, an interesting pattern which can be formal or casual. Multi-tasking items are a key part of any traveling wardrobe.